Do escort girls enjoy sex with their male clients?

Do escorts actually enjoy sex with their clients who are paying them for their time? We're opening up the discussion to try to get a genuine answer.​


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​Many massage girls are of the view that escorts and sex workers couldn't possibly cope with the demands of their clients if they didn't enjoy their profession. Laura works from a massage parlour in Cambridge, 'I've been working as an escort for over twenty years, if I didn't enjoy sex I with my clients, it would reflect badly for my regulars. Other researchers are in opposition to this hypothesis, however, stating ‘Johns’ are turned on by not having to care about the escorts feelings and view them as a possession, or a usable commodity. "What turns the john on is the woman's powerlessness... Sex with a prostitute​ is more about seeking revenge on women or exerting control over them than about a quest for intimacy and romance." Sociologist Julia O'Connell Davidson of the University of Nottingham. Very few women state that they entered prostitution willingly or because they enjoy the job. It is males that drive the industry, whether buying the perfect girlfriend or asserting their misogynistic dominance in an attempt to reconcile their issues with intimacy, relationships, and women as a whole.


​Do escorts enjoy their job? Sexual exploitation? Trafficking? Demeaning? Objectifying? For some, prostitution may represent the most morally bankrupt aspects of society, and, even those who support its legality, may reflect that this merely a necessary evil to ensure women are as protected as possible. But could this actually be an enjoyable job for some women? (And, for the purpose of this article I will focus on women since their situation is arguably quite different from men). Firstly, it’s worth separating those women who have actively chosen to enter prostitution from women forced into it by trafficking. You may say “well surely some women who choose to enter prostitution may have been forced by circumstances?”. This is true. But similarly, many people could be ‘forced’ into a career in retail or serving fries at Burger King. This may not be ideal, but it’s still quite different from enslavement.


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