Do escorts enjoy sex, or is it just for the money?

Our users often ask us, do escorts really enjoy sex or do they do it solely for the money? We will try to get this age-old question answered once and for all by putting it out and asking people to contribute to solving the mystery.​


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Most of the people wonder whether escorts love their profession or are they just in search of quick money for their needs and wants? Well, to give a complete and accurate answer, we will focus on the basics of the topic. Whenever we indulge o​urselves into questions like these, most probably we look for a majority point of view. This means that we are not talking about a single individual but more than that. Most of the escorts think of this business as an easy-to-do task which generates quick money. They do not like the profession, but they like the flow of cash this profession makes. An average escort takes home $400/hr, which is an extraordinary amount for a single hour. Most of the youngsters are struggling for their education fees; others are struggling with their livelihood bills and mortgages. So they find being an escort a piece of cake for earning extra dough for their daily, weekly or monthly expenses. While talking about some others, some of the newbie's move into different phases while being in this business. They usually discover things like: Emotional Attachments Horrible in the beginning Getting more than one client in a single day Sickness Meanwhile, there are lots and lots of phrases that escorts use to define their debut in the field. Most of them just simply like the smell of the money and these kinds of phrases are no barriers when the money is good. For first-timers, it is always a demanding lifestyle to adopt because these kinds of professions can ruin a good reputation in seconds and puts a full stop at the end. A person can never gain respect in the eyes of the majority of people. Some might also say that; who cares about the people when you are earning an enormous amount of cash. Money nowadays is the key to entertainment, and as long as one has money, he can be happy for as long as he like.


Do escorts enjoy their job, or is it just for the money? Often people assume that the only reason people choose to be an escort is because of money. However, a lot of women chose a career as an escort due to the freedom that it allows them. This freedom can enable them to be flexible with their time, be their own boss and travel around meeting new people. Which overall can be quite empowering. Studies conducted by Leeds University show that most escorts are satisfied with their jobs. With 91% citing their situation as ‘flexible' and 66% saying their job is fun and rewarding. One of the rewards which can come with the job is the feeling of a sense of pride and happiness when helping clients who are simply indeed of company and self-validation. This can often make the escorts feel that they are doing something right, by bringing joy to their client's lives for a few hours. While money may be a huge factor for choosing a career as an escort, many women fall into the industry due to life circumstances. This tends to be because of a troubled childhood, abus​es, alcohol and drug addiction and troubles in their adult life. As a result, females working as an escort can be a way out of these negative times in a person's life, as well as a distraction.


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