Does your boyfriend mind you having sex with guys?

Interview with a TS escort in Knightsbridge - Ask an escort: We sat down for an interview with Cristal, a TS escort in Knightsbridge. Cristal is 22 and works as an outcall escort covering areas of Central London.


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What age did you know you were transsexual? I can remember going through my Mums wardrobe and trying on her clothes when I was around ten years old. I didn’t know that I was trans at that stage, but the desire to wear female garments was always strong with me. Where most boys were into football and sports,​ I always wanted to hang out with the girls, and when I reached the age of thirteen, I would often tag along with girls from my school and go shopping with them. I loved it when they looked in the lingerie stores and would fantasise about wearing them. By the age of fifteen, the urge to wear female clothes became an obsession and started buying girls panties and experimenting with make-up.


Did your parents know you were transgender? ​I’m sure my Mum knew I was looking through her knicker drawers, I mean I now have my own panties all laid out in my own drawers so I would know if someone had been moving them around.


Do you live fulltime as a transsexual Knightsbridge escort? Yes, I have breasts, I take hormone therapy, I have long blonde hair and only have feminine clothes, look through my wardrobe you won't even find a pair of jeans. As a Knightsbridge escort,​ I always have to look my best, you never know when a rich and generous man will approach me in the street.


Do you have a straight boyfriend? That question depends on your definition of the word “straight.” My boyfriend loves me to wear sexy clothes when we’re out together, only goes out with me because I look feminine and act as a female, but then he knows I have a cock. Does that make him straight? I know he’s not gay because before me he had lots of girlfriends.​


Are any of your clients Married men? Most of the men that visit shemale escorts in London are married.​


Why do you think shemale escorts and trans girls are so popular? Obviously, the internet has been a significant factor in a man's fascination with shemales, Thai ladyboys in London and Mayfair trannies. Men watch porn videos on tranny tube and other tube sites, see how pretty the trans girls are and how feminine and sexy they can be, together with the fact that trans girls love to please men in a way that female escorts in London sometimes don’t, the appeal for punters visiting a transsexual escort has grown.​


Does your boyfriend mind that you have sex with other men? It’s not a problem for him. He knew I was a prostitute when we met; that’s​ how I meet him. He came to me as a client, and we grew closer and closer, went out on a date, and we’ve been together now for three years. All his friends know about us, and a few of them have asked if I have any friends they can meet.


Are all the shemales that you know escorts? ​I would say that the vast majority of the transsexuals that I know are working call girls, as you know I come from Brazil and lots of my tranny escorts in London and friends work as a call girl in New York or Dubai.


What’s the difference between a Ladyboy escort in Mayfair and a shemale escort in Bayswater? ​There’s no real difference, a ladyboy escort traditionally comes from Thailand or South East Asia, whereas a South American Tranny is called a Shemale, but basically we all love sex with men, we all like to suck cock and get fucked up the ass. Having real straight men is what every shemale and ladyboy aspires to. We all want a man as a boyfriend even though we may be prostitutes or call girls going home at the end of the day we want to feel that there is a man there to look after us.


Do you visit your clients in their homes or do they visit you? B​eing as most of my clients are married men they come to my massage flat in Knightsbridge, even though married guys like to have sex with a shemale they are still reluctant to be seen with one, so all my clients come to me.


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