Are uni students working as Southampton escorts?

Why are university students in Southampton working as escorts to pay their tuition fees?


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​I'm a university student in Southampton, and while supported somewhat by my parents, I know about the financial difficulties associated with paying for regular nights out and textbooks etc. Most of my course colleagues have, at some point taken on a job while studying. This ranges from working in retail for a clothes or sports shop on weekends to learning the art of matched betting. There has however been a recent trend in my university in which students are signing up for local Southampton escort agencies. Most of those signing up tend to be women in their 20s, although there have been reports of men doing the same. Upon looking into the sort of money that can be made from working in the sex industry, it is apparent that some escorts in Southampton can take home upwards of £1000 for a nights work. With the rising costs of tuition fees, rents and other costs of living, is it any wonder students are turning to alternative means of income? Do they have any choice? These are questions I have been thinking about recently and are proving tough to answer. Working as an escort in Southampton has several laws associated that put its practice in a legal grey area. It is legal to be a sex worker in the UK. It is Illegal, however, to solicit sex work or to be a member of or run a prostitution ring or brothel. Given this is the case, if peoples personal morals align with this work, is there anything inherently wrong with it? Not everyone is in the privileged position of having parents to help them pay their rent and help them with a financial contribution toward living expenses. Is there another reason, however? In this new age of progressive opinions and liberal attitudes, is the twenty-something generation shunning the stigma associated with the world's oldest profession? And is this actually a good thing? Only time will tell. In my recent travels, I was fortunate enough to visit Amsterdam. While this was great fun, trips into the Red-Light District did prove to be uncomfortable in parts. Walking through the capital's dark streets, attracting locals and tourists alike to the numerous sex workers in the windows, I wondered how many of them enjoy being placed on display in the same way an item would be placed in a shop display. It should be noted that not all escorts are sex workers. Many Southampton escorts provide a service similar to that of the sugar daddy industry. This involves them spending time with their client, going on a date, trips or speaking to them over the phone or webcam. It is often just the companionship aspect that is missing in many of these clients lives that turn them to pay for an escort service. On the flip side, many escorts in the industry are indeed sex workers. This came as quite a bit of a shock to me. While these workers shouldn't be judged for their profession, it is important that their safety is considered in this highly unregulated industry. Many sex workers are often trapped in a system that abuses them, and it is crucial that the allure of "easy money" doesn't come before the safety of potentially vulnerable young adults. According to The Student Sex Work Project*, one in 20 students has done sex work, including escort work, prostitution, stripping and working as a webcam model. The study spoke to 6,750 students, and nearly two-thirds of the sex workers said they were motivated to fund their lifestyle, 56% felt motivated to pay necessary living costs and two in five wanted to reduce their debt after the course finished. The thought of working as a sex worker or escort in Southampton sounds horrifying to most. However, with high earning potential and many students struggling to make ends meet, could it be the answer to crippling university debt? With rising tuition fees along with top accommodation and living costs, a typical Southampton university undergraduate on a three-year course will end up with a student loan of around £45,000 to pay off. Without even thinking about other living costs. Students in Southampton have always taken part-time jobs to help to support them while studying. But even with the minimum wage, it's going to take a long time to save the money needed to pay off these debts. Debt-stricken undergraduates are now avoiding bar and restaurant work. Instead, they are signing up to escort agencies in Southampton where they can earn more in one night than others can make in one month. What type of student becomes an escort? Student escorts tend to be on medical courses. A madam from a Southampton escort agency said that she was receiving increasing interest from students whose parents simply can't afford to pay the bills for them to study. The majority of students tend to be those on medical courses, as they tend to be more broadminded and less squeamish. As well as having to study for more years and therefore pay higher fees. Escort work gives flexibility and empowerment as well as the high rates of pay, working as an escort gives the students more freedom to be able to concentrate on their studies. Southampton escorts can work during hours that suit them and see as many or as few clients as desired. Such flexibility is not possible in other jobs synonymous with students. On top of that, most escort agencies in Southampton provide a driver and security to pick up escorts and drop them home afterwards, an even more significant perk to students who don't own their own transport. A student quoted that ultimately, she made the industry work for her and was able to pay for her education and find a whole new level of empowerment that she never knew that she could have through educational pursuits. She became a qualified commercial pilot with no debt. Secret diary of a call girl The media has a part to play in glamorising the escort industry through television series such as ‘Secret diary of a call girl'. Starring Billy Piper as Belle de Jour, a high-class London escort, who is paid enormously to accompany clients on luxurious holidays and to A-list parties. Her life is portrayed glamorously with no hint towards any danger or negativity towards the profession. The book, based on the true story of Brooke Magnanti, who worked as a high-class call girl for an escort agency whilst studying for her PhD at University.


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