Are uni students working as escorts in Manchester?

So why are university students signing on with local escort agencies? Are escort agencies in Manchester targeting vulnerable students? And finally; why are university students in Manchester signing on with Manchester escort agencies?


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It is observed that most of the university students in Manchester are signing on with Local escort agencies. Obviously, it is a shocking fact that a large number of students are getting involved with the sex industry. However, most of the students don't go with prostitution. Instead, they go with erotic dance, massage in Manchester, phone sex, and even webcam adult entertainment. Now, the question arises here why are so many university students signing on with escort agencies? If you want to grab the answer to the above question, you should keep reading this informative post. A recently conducted survey in the United Kingdom reveals that most of the university students simply sign on with Manchester escort agencies just because they want to fund their studies. Without any doubt, working as a male or female escort can help them arranging money effortlessly. This is the main reason why most of the contemporary university students in Manchester prefer unveiling the benefits of becoming an escort professional. The best part of joining the sex industry is that students don't need to invest their lots of time. Instead, they can easily make quick bucks by spending a few hours a day or even a week. It is another crucial reason behind the increasing number of students becoming escorts in Manchester. Since most of the students want to enjoy a financially independent life, they simply want to find out a source of income. However, there could be various ways to make money online or offline, but still, students want to get involved with this dark industry called escort services. According to a prominent escort agency in London, "Most of the students try to put their name in our escort professional book. But we always consider the real professionals. Students are ready to play different roles when it comes to offering escort services in Manchester. If you are assuming that only university students are signing on with escort agencies in London, you need to change your perception. It is observed that most of the university students have already been working as an escort professional. Even when they were in school, they started working for escort agencies online. However, contemporary university students are indeed signing on with escort agencies, but it doesn't mean that they want to become a Manchester prostitute. Most of the students just want to play a safe game, i.e. using webcam and phone sex chat, etc. So why are university students signing on with local escort agencies?​ Having enrolled at Manchester university that demands a £9,000 per year tuition fee. Having left home for the first time without financial support, and having ploughed through those first few month’s worths of money, is it really any wonder that so many students are feeling the cash crunch? But why do so many of them turn to work as escorts in Manchester? And is the choice to enrol as an escort really a bad thing? University students: 40k in debt and a worthless degree? For late teens and early twenties, £40,000 is a whole lot of money. Pair that with a minimum wage of just £6.15 per hour for eighteen to twenty-one-year-olds and an employment market that is saturated with degree-holders and you may just have the perfect ingredients for a student to start looking into other options. In fact, ​Save the Student​ has revealed that 11% of students who feel that they are in financial crisis will turn to sex work, gambling or drug trials. University students could be signing on with local escort agencies to ease the unfamiliar financial burdens. While a moral boundary may be being crossed, when you can make more in one day as a Manchester escort than a month in a minimum wage job the choice becomes pretty clear. Is society just more liberal about sex these days? It may be hard to fathom as stiff-upper-lipped Brits, but perhaps these young, hormone-riddled students actually enjoy escorting. Let's face it; they've grown up in a highly sexualised era where everything from music videos and commercial advertising right the way through to books make use of sexualisation as a tool to make money. So, why shouldn't they too? Late teens have been reaping the financial gains of working in the industry for a while. In fact, ​Swansea University​ carried out some research in 2015 that found that almost 60% of students felt that they would enjoy the work. Is working as an escort in Manchester just more appealing than serving coffee in a local cafe? Are escort agencies in Manchester targeting vulnerable students? Finding employees as an escort agency may require strategy and who better to target than students whose tuition fees are through the roof? While escorting may be frowned upon, it is not illegal so long as they are over the age of eighteen. The student to agency dynamic may be seen, at its most basic, as a mutually beneficial business arrangement. If a student needs money and fancies being an escort, then who are we to judge? It seems that there is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of why so many university students are signing on with escort agencies. Perhaps it’s because financial pressures cripple them, or maybe they just enjoy working in the trade. Whether we choose to accept and educate or crackdown and prevent, only time will tell...


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