Are uni students working as Bournemouth escorts?

Are escort agencies targeting vulnerable students? Why are university students signing on with Bournemouth escort agencies? We put this frequently asked question to our userbase of Bournemouth escorts.


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Student living is pricey, which is undeniably problematic when going to university is becoming more and more desirable. Thereby, some might ask why are so many university students becoming escorts in Bournemouth? Perhaps it's to pay for their education, which would be unsurprising when it costs a hefty £9,250 per year for an undergraduate degree. As a current 18-year-old myself, I am familiar with the social pressures to attend university, yet this can be difficult when the living costs are so high. Though, it is inevitable that despite your social and financial background, everyone should have a chance to attend university. So, even though being accepted into university is challenging, then how tough university can then be, students have the added financial pressure of their living costs. Thus, becoming an even bigger problem when student jobs have terrible hours and pay, and that is if you grab yourself a part-time job in the first place. Consequently, why wouldn't university students sign on to Bournemouth escort agencies to earn extra money? An escort agency in Bournemouth claims that girls can earn up to £1,000 a night in sharp comparison to a mere £50 for a days work in a shop shift. Unquestionable good pay might lead you to ask yourself again, why many university students are turning to escort agencies? Last year a study found that more than a fifth of students had considered the sex industry. But, maybe the reasons for signing on with an escort agency and more complex than merely paying for their basic needs. Therefore, it is important to consider that gaining a university place is difficult, stressful and time-consuming, so it is agreeable that students need to be focused on their studies rather than a low part-time bar job. Then, escort services offer high pay alongside minimal hours; this perhaps is the more convenient route to money. The year is 2019 and women can do whatever they please with their bodies, with whomever they want. Nonetheless, the questions posed becomes much more alarming when the answer is a need rather than a choice. If students join these escort services because they need to, rather than willing, the physical and mental safety of the student becomes far grave. Thus, making it essential to assess the social climate students are living in, if the students are being pushed to join Bournemouth escort agencies and having to use their body to pay for money out of necessity then perhaps fingers need to be pointed at the university or the government, to make education more financially safe and assessable to all. To conclude, we initially assume students are joining these escort agencies to pay for their education or living costs. However, the question highlights the more distressing query of whether they are joining voluntarily or out of necessity. Thus, if it is a need rather than want intention, then perhaps this showcases the reality of student living within today's​ economic environment.


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