Are there escorts who do anal sex?

Do escorts provide anal sex to their paying clients, or let guys fuck them up the arse​?


Answers: 7

I would say that at least fifty per cent​ of my punters want A Levels.


Lots of guys ask if all Bolton escorts give anal sex, I really don’t know about other female escorts in Bolton or surrounding areas.​


Look, I love a cock up my arse as much as any girl, but to let a punter fuck me up the ass isn’t going to happen. Let the teen escorts in Ashford do anal sex.


Of course, I will let anyone fuck me up the arse, there is no other Bognor escort that is a dirty cum slut whore like me.


It depends; I have a lot of regular clients in Barnsley, and if they really wanted to fuck me up the ass, I would let them rather than let the visit another escort in Barnsley.​


I know a lot of escorts in Essex do offer A levels, ​and they get a lot of business, so yes I would do it, but I have to charge extra for anal sex with an escort.


The only thing you need to know darling is that Kitty is here to let you fuck her up the ass, in the mouth, I do deep throat and cum in mouth escort. I am the sexiest cum slut escort in Bognor.


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