Are students becoming London escorts for income?

Why are so many university students in London signing on with escort agencies? Are escort agencies in London targeting vulnerable students? We put this frequently asked question to our userbase of London escorts.


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The life of an escort can be appealing to students due to several factors. These may include money worries, sexual enjoyment and simply being attracted to the advertised lifestyles for example how a number of escorts are portrayed in television shows such as 'Belle De Jour' & the storylines of 'The GF Experience'. Are students becoming London escorts for Income? While studying many students have access to the likes of grants and bursaries, but not all applications for support are awarded. Even so, for those who are fortunate enough to be accepted to receive monetary grants, it may not be enough to support daily living. Instead, many have to find other ways to supplement their income, whether it be through applying for loans, which almost always include interest, or finding earning opportunities that can work around their studies. Student Debts On average, each student graduates from university in over £50,000 worth of debt – more-over this is not including the ever-increasing interest. Consequently, seeing this debt alone, it is not hard to see why this type of employment is seen as a lucrative way to get through student life. Working around your studies Finding flexible work as a student can be a daunting and time-consuming task. Many students find that casual working in the likes of clubs and bars can have positive results. However, they can be just as demanding and require time set aside to complete a series of shifts. Why students should sign with escort agencies and not go it alone. It is always recommended that anyone planning to find work as an escort use an agency, for safety. The commission does have to be paid to the agency in question. However, it is a small price to pay when the alternative is meeting un-vetted strangers in unknown places. Importantly, while using an agency does not guarantee your safety, it does offer a safety net of having the details of your meeting location where you would meet a potential client as well as having queries and costs discussed by an outsider before the appointment. Why do some students decide to become escorts in London? The answer here can be a simple one, time, money and enjoyment. All jobs require time to complete them, whether it be working in a bar or an office. However, the appeal of escorting to some can simply be that it is less time consuming than a more common student job but with more earning opportunities. Escorts in London can also place down what their services can include, making sure that they are comfortable with what exactly they are being signed up to. In general, escorts tend to work on an appointment basis earning more, in comparison, to someone working in a bar for several hours to guarantee they make minimum wage. Attending university full time as well as studying for exams out with the classroom requires a committed amount of time put aside, and as a result, using the leftover hours to work instead of meeting friends or catching up on those vital​ zzz's can make the university experience a daunting and draining one.


With tuition fees, the cost of living, and of course, having a social life, it's up to university students to find work that covers all these costs. One slightly alternative​ option is to sign up to escort agencies, and it's a line of work that's becoming more popular with the student crowd. Telling your best friend that you are working as an escort in Mayfair can have a particular kudos attached to it. Of course, it's not a job that's for everyone, but why is it growing to be more widespread among the student population? It's well-paid, and students aren't known to be a financially-secure demographic. Escorts in London can earn hundreds of pounds an hour; it's a potentially very lucrative business. Being at university in London, students lead busy lives, balancing their studies with socializing, and a need to earn a living. The sort of work often associated with students – working in shops, restaurants, and bars – can be long hours with low pay. Signing on with a London escort agency gives these students more control over when they work, and the chance to earn more in a smaller timeframe. Admittedly, it's perhaps not the safest career, and the argument that poor students are being exploited is unlikely to dissipate any time soon. Some argue that there is an element of government failure, as student finance is not sufficient, leading to more students signing on with escort agencies. How many students would consider themselves London escorts but are not signed on with any agencies? Part of the appeal of agencies can be the credibility and safety that escorts experience. Being ‘self-employed' can be a lot riskier – in a line of work that comes with a sizeable element of risk, the protection offered by agencies can be vital. Although agencies will take a cut of any earnings, many students consider that a small price to pay. It is clear that the chance of high earnings is what encourages students to sign on with a London escort agency. Despite the risks and agencies taking their share of the money, they feel that it beats stacking shelves and pouring coffee for a living.


With rising university fees, living costs and competition for jobs, the potential for students to earn up to £160 per hour is understandably attractive. Some escorts in London, especially, in the more lucrative areas such as Park Lane, Mayfair and Knightsbridge escorts can command up to £600 per hour, contrast that to four hours working as a waitress and there is no contest financially. Students in London need a flexible job to prioritise their studies and trying to get a retail or waitressing job can be very difficult, especially in student areas where applicant numbers are very high. Even if students have the necessary skills and experience, they face the stress of organising their shifts around their coursework, lectures and exams. Escorting, however, provides significantly more flexibility and doesn't require experience. Many agencies are seeking out students, particularly those from prestigious universities, to promote their workers as intelligent, young and classy. As the costs of University education rise and employment availability lower, working in the sex industry is becoming increasingly normalised and accepted. In this current more open-minded and liberal environment, students can engage in such work without feeling judged. Signing on with an escort agency in London is a safer option than going self-employed or working in another sector of the sex industry. Most agencies provide measures to ensure their workers' safety, for example, through providing transport and security to and from work. Escorts can also keep their job role discreet while​ working for an agency. Managers provide them with basic client information which allows students to avoid encountering anyone they might know in the local area, or worse, associated with their university. Student life can be daunting and lonely. Working as an escort in London provides many students with a form of companionship, with both their clients and fellow student co-workers. Many students have also claimed their work as an escort has increased their confidence in interacting with people and handling potential harassment. The majority of students, however, are drawn into this line of work as a strategy for survival. Most are experiencing a lack of financial support from universities and pressure from parents to fend for themselves. Several universities are also in denial about having any students working for such agencies. Doubting the severity of their financial situations is leaving many with nowhere else to turn.


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