Are students becoming Leeds escorts for extra cash

We are putting the question regarding why so many university students in Leeds signing on with Leeds escort agencies out to our users in Leeds. Don't let us down.


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Why are so many University students in Leeds signing on with Leeds escort agencies​? I met my friend, Laura, for coffee to find out why so many University students are signing on with escort agencies. ‘'So...does he make you call him daddy?'' Laura blushed bright red and studied her empty coffee cup. ‘'Yeah, when we're alone. Or sometimes in public, he likes me to whisper it in his ear.'' Hmmm. Laura has been my best friend at Uni for the last two years. She's a 20-year-old blonde escort, petite, girl next door type. Cute but not stunning - and I don't think she'd hate me for saying that. As a student of a similar standard in looks myself, Laura has been tempting me to sign up to one of the numerous escort sites we have in the UK. It's easy money. It's good money. seems like it could be some good fun too. Students across the country have been struggling with the cost of University life. That's nothing new. But this form of earning money entering the mainstream certainly is. It is fast becoming acceptable practice and almost So why are so many University students signing on and working as an escort in Leeds? Cultural norms now encourage women's sexual liberation a lot more, and the money to be made is useful and easy. Despite her momentary redness with embarrassment, Laura is sitting in front of me with a fresh golden tan. You see, she's just got back from a week away with him in Ibiza. Everything paid for in advance: five-star hotel and the food to go with it. Days were lounging on a luxury yacht in some turquoise lagoon. Nights were eating in the best restaurants the island has to offer. Laura plays it down, saying ‘I got lucky with this one. He's cute too. So I don't know...paying him back with kisses and stuff. But you have to go on a few dates with others before you find a good one'. Looking out the window at a grey Northern England cityscape...Laura's touch of realism is doing little to discourage me from becoming one of the latest students to join an escort dating agency. In a nutshell, you have the answer as to why so many University students are signing up to a Leeds escort agency. It's a bit of fun and adventure which pays the tuition fees - and definitely beats working a barista shift.


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