Can sex work be safe whilst there are sill street escorts?

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What really is a street escort?

Learn more about the dangerous life of street escorts and how we can make UK sex work safer.
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Street Escorts

What really are street escorts? Street escorts are sex workers that use the streets of their local red light district as their shop window and to advertise themselves and earn money. Street escorts are forced to put themselves in a dangerous position in order to work. When working on the streets escorts have to interact with anyone who shows up and really no ability to vet the people that they see. No one should have to be in danger to work and it’s widely believed that moving street escorts online will undoubtedly make all sex work safer, for the sex workers themselves as well as the hobbyist who visit them.
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Vivastreet Escorts

Vivastreet is an advertising platform that is used heavily by UK escorts. Vivastreet escorts and vivastreet massage girls are able to advertise themselves online and use their vivastreet adverts as their shop window. One huge benefit that vivastreet escorts have over street escorts is that they are not forced onto their local streets in order to advertise themselves. Vivastreet escorts are also able to vet every hobbyist that they spend time with prior to physically being in the same place. The process of seeing a vivastreet escort, or a vivastreet massage is unquestionably safer than seeing an escort on the street.

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Frequently asked questions

Do street escorts still work in red light districts?

You can still find street escorts although the term for girls who work in the red light districts of towns would usually be prostitutes, there are some areas in the UK where street walkers can still be found.

Where can I find local street prostitutes?

Probably the best place to find street escorts in any town or city in the UK is to ask a local taxi driver.Some towns have failry well known red-light districts, such as Birmingham, Leeds and certain parts of London where street escorts and prostitutes can still be found walking the beat.

Is Prostitution legal in the UK?

Prostitution itself is legal, however, is you are looking for street prostitutes you can be breaking the law as a kerb crawler. Far better to look for viva street escorts or adultwork escorts than risk breaking the law. Many massage flats offer a selection of working girls from oriental escorts to local girls giving sex services for cash, check your local papers or even postcards in newsagents windows for local girls and uk escorts who are willing to give you a proper girlfriend experience and services like oral without condom, cum in mouth and full sex.

Do all the female vivastreet escorts offer sex services?

Websites such as vivastreet, adultwork and yesbook are mealy advertising platforms for female escorts to promote their services in order to ascertain whether or not a girl will provide sexual services during the booking is to contact her via a phone call or even better by a video call, this service is being introduced to UK escorts to enable clients to view before visit, which means you can video call a massage girl, female escort or street escort before you visit them and make sure she will do the service that you want.

What is the difference with a street escort and a prostitute?

In broad terms a prostitute would be a very casual encounter usually made in the street where it is obvious that the street escort or street walker is offering herself sexually in exchange for money, once agreed the client and the street escort would go straight to a place, hotel or the street escorts appartment where they would have sex, without the need for any pleasantries or conversation. An escort on the other hand would usually want some form of social interchange before getting to the, what’s on offer in the sex department.

Female Escort and Massage Listings Directory

How to find vivastreet escorts near me?

There are over 7,000 vivastreet escorts working throughout the UK. Many of these vivastreet girls are now advertising on yesbooks female escort directory. It’s now so easy to find the sexiest vivastreet escorts near to where you are by searching for escorts in your chosen location using the search bar at the top of the page. You can find the best vivastreet escorts on yesbooks vivastreet escort directory.

At yesbook we want to empower UK escorts by allowing them to market themselves and their services online. Our goal is provide a place where sex workers and hobbyists can interact in a safe way. We want to enable hobbyists to verify escorts are who they are reporting to be and vice versa prior to meeting each other. On yesbook escorts can verify their images so potential clients know that they are real pictures. We allow escorts to get off of the streets and advertise themselves online. By doing this we are aiming for a world where sex workers are not forced onto the streets in order to meet clients and are able to carry out their business in the safest way possible.